If you’re into betting on sports or even poker, you need to check out BetOnline.  First you need to know about all the promo codes that are available for some extra bonuses and Free Play!  There are even a few extra rewards available to players that either play specific games; like slots or horse racing.  This site will keep an updated list of the current BetOnline Bonuses and Promo Codes.

Promo Codes

BetOnline currently only has a special $1000 lifetime bonus offer for Baseball season! If you didn’t already know, BetOnline actually adds up to 25% in free play value for EVERY deposit you make into your account.  If you check the small print, it’s actually a 25% for deposits with Credit Cards, WesternUnion, MoneyGram, Skrill, Neteller and Bank Wires. However, you will only be able to get the bonus if you enter the current 2014 promotion codes:

OCT50 – This code is for the 50% DEPOSIT BONUS up to $1,000 on your initial deposit before October 31, 2014, and 25% on all other deposits for life!

LIFEBONUS – This code is for a 25% Bonus on ALL of your other deposits.

betonline bonus code

To Claim Bonus:

  1. Visit BetOnline by clicking this Link (or click the “visit BetOnline” button above) as this is an exclusive bonus link and THEN register for a new account.  If you already have an account – this will not work and we recommend creating a new account.
  2. Create a new account
  3. Go to “Deposit Funds” and enter promo code OCT50
  4. Deposit $50 or more for your Free Bonus money ($1,000 max)

Most bettors deposit with credit cards because it’s so fast and easy.  Since there is a bonus on every deposit, the 25% is actually a decent bonus.

SportsBook Promotions

There are actually a few different SportsBook promotions that are available to players. These are the bets that are placed on the outcomes of sports games. They provide several benefits, so if you’re into sports betting, you should definitely check these out!

The first SportsBook Promo that you will receive is more of a protection really. If you bet on a game that ended without either team scoring, you shouldn’t be counted as losing your bet. To counter this, we offer complete refunds to clients that bet on a game, only to have the final score come out 0 – 0.

The second benefit is actually one of the favorites by many of our sports betters – Live Betting. Have you ever wanted to kick yourself for not betting on a particular game, even though you were pretty sure of the outcome? Many people are constantly finding themselves in this same boat, so BetOnline allows you to place bets on games as the action unfolds!

Poker Promotions

BetOnline also has a poker room, so of course there are poker promotions!  First off, if you’ve ever played poker games that players just wouldn’t bet and you weren’t making any money, then you are going to really like this one. You can join their major tournaments that are made for the high rollers and risky betters! No more playing for hours, only to bring nothing extra home. That isn’t any fun.

BetOnline Poker has a Rio Carnival leaderboard is a fun bonus for poker players. If you make it onto the board in one of the top three places, you could receive a prize bonus to add to your winnings. Bronze will receive $50, silver gets $125, and gold gets the whopping $250!

Pop tournaments are out final benefit. As you play, you will receive Pop Points that can be used in special Pop tournaments to earn some extra cash. They happen every week!

Horse Promotions

Getting a little bit of your money is always a positive factor, so BetOnline offers a small rebate to horse race bets. Online horse wagers will receive 7% cash back, while telephone wagers only receive 4% back. There isn’t a minimum wager that must be placed to receive this major benefit.

Casino Promotions

If you’re a big gambler with casino games, there is a major benefit that you could be receiving. For anyone that has at least $75,000 in action play in casino games, you will receive a high roller bonus that could potentially earn you some extra cash!

Not only can you receive that bonus, but there is a casino-specific deposit bonus available as well. If you deposit at least $25, you will receive an added 25 percent onto your total play value. That means that you can play casino games for quite a bit longer, or even just make larger bets that could bring in more cash for your wallet.

Now if you’re a slot player, you have a real big bonus that you could be receiving. For any slot player that makes a deposit of at least $100, you will receive a 100 percent added playing bonus. That means that you are pretty much doubling your money for just putting in a deposit that you would make anyways. Now you can enjoy your slot games for twice as long, meaning twice the fun!

Finally, you can receive a 10 percent rebate on your losses each week. This will help you recover from any major losses. If you just have a back week, you can come back with a little bit of money and potentially earn it all back. This small rebate is definitely a nice safety net.